4 Advantages of Online Advertising

Whether you run an offline or online business, advertising on the internet has become imperative in the current digital age. More and more people can access the internet today, and many have come to depend on it when searching for solutions. Online advertising allows you to reach a wider, targeted audience, all at the fraction of the cost of traditional advertising. Let's take a look at the major advantages of advertising on the internet to drive website traffic below:

Less expensive

Businesses of all sizes can afford to market themselves online, thanks to the relatively lower costs. The beauty of online advertising is that you can work with anything from a very small budget to a huge budget, depending on the targeted reach. When setting up PPC campaigns, you can set a cap on the daily spend, which can be as little as a dollar. Traditional advertising on radio, TV, magazines and newspapers is on the other hand more expensive, and only businesses with large budgets can afford to buy large ad spots/spaces.

More targeted

To pick up from the last point, advertising on the internet is cheaper because it's more targeted. With TV, newspaper and other traditional media, advertising is never quite targeted. So many people may get to see your ad, which makes advertising campaigns expensive, but maybe only a small percentage is your target audience. With internet advertising, you get to target the exact audience you want, by specifying things such as age, gender, interests, income bracket, profession, location, browsing history, etc. So only the people you want to see your message get to see it, which means you can expect better responses.

Track and measure conversion

When you run advertising campaigns online, it's easy for track such things as how many people viewed your ad, how many clicked through, and how many ended up taking the desired action. All the statistics you need to measure the effectiveness of your campaign are available to you, allowing you to fine-tune your campaigns further and increase your return on investment.

Audience engagement

The internet makes it easier for brands to engage with their audiences. With traditional advertising, the communication has always been one way--audiences view an advert, but have no way to respond. On the internet, customers can give immediate feedback while going through your landing page offer or ad on social media. This makes it easier for brands to understand what the customer wants or needs.

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